Scientific and Technical Human Capital Strategy

What requirements are commonly mentioned in vacancies for academic positions at Business Schools?

Skill Networks

The networks indicate what group of skills, shown as a topic, are co-occuring in the same vacancy. The stronger the link between two topics, the more frequently these two skills appear in a vacancy. The data is taken across all vacancies published on AcademicTransfer.

We gave names to each topic. The interesting topic groups are research and teaching (topic 1), teaching in social sciences/humanities (topic 3), data analytics in academia (topic 5), and artificial intelligence in cognitive (neuro)science (topic 8).

Skill Network in 2010

Skill Network in 2017

Method Snapshot

Below you'll find a set of topic models giving insight into the vacancy data collected from Academic Transfer. We conducted an automatic topic analyzes on the vacancies description and requirements ( Latent Dirichlet Analysis ). We analyzed the word distributions across several different models and decided that the clustering of words into topics wast most insightful with eleven topics. The results are reported in [add tab]. Each circle represents one topic. By selecting a topic, the words and their probability to be part of this topic are shown.