Biz-Lytics: Futurize Business School Dashboard

Our dashboard combines data from various sources to provide you with a comprehensive view. It conains macro-information from the OECD and European Commission, creating a national benchmark. It also combines your business school's social media activity, and other information about your students. The dashboard is interactive, you can focus on specific business schools, countries, skills etc.

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Data Collection

The dashboard is based on data from 150 EQUIS accredited business schools and 100 top universities which do not have EQUIS accreditation. The business schools are located in 42 countries.

The dasboard combines data from social media platforms, employer reviews, LinkedIn school pages, academic vacancies, and data collected by the OECD and European Commission.

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Human Capital Strategy

The dashboard focuses on skills and learning environments. It has a strong focus on students. For Business School to prepare graduates they need to hire the right talent. The individuals Business Schools hire have an impact on the research output of Schools, but also on the content and quality of teaching. In collaboration with Academic Transfer this project also includes an analyzis of the human capital Business Schools hired wanted to hire. We focus on the vacancy text as an indication of the human capital strategy that is in place instead of the supply of skills the labor market can provide.

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